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Our prices do not include VAT. Customers from outside of Poland MUST have an active European Union VAT identification number.
We will not process the orders made by customers without active European VAT number.

Creating an account at our e-store: In order to create an account you need to click [moje konto] (eng. my account). Fill all the fields according to the hints you are given. It is absolutely necessary to provide a working e-mail address and the European VAT Identification Number of your company.

After filling the form you will receive and e-mail confirming the process of registration. In it, you will find a link which allows the process to be completed. Without confirmation, you will not be able to sign in at the store.

Placing an order:

In order to place an order it is necessary to sign in at the e-store. Next, you choose your product and click [do koszyka] (eng. add to cart). When you are done shopping, click [zawartość koszyka] (eng. view cart), check if everything is in place, and confirm your choice by clicking [realizuj zamówienie] (eng. proceed to checkout).

The products are accompanied by their net prices.

Type in the necessary information and choose payment and delivery. Confirm the information by clicking [realizuj zamówienie] (eng. complete order) 

The prices are valid for shopping at the e-store only .

Payment and shipping: 

Courier delivery (after prepayment) - (30 kg package - 19,30 EUR)

If the total weight of the order exceeds 30 kg then it has to be split into two packages, both of which have separate shipping fees.

We ship to the EU countries within 2 days of receiving payment 

Store information:


ul. Przebieg 4

58-300 Wałbrzych, Poland 

Payment in EUR:

ING Bank

PL 97 1050 1908 1000 0090 7998 0125


Shipping insurance

All courier deliveries are insured. If the package shows signs of damage, the client has the right to open it in the presence of the delivery man, check for damage, and protocol it if necessary. 

Guarantee and servicing

The products available at our store come with Polish manuals and producer's guarantee. In order to exercise your guarantee, contact the producer's customer service directly. The phone number is provided in your guarantee contract. 

The information about the products provided at our website does not constitute an offer in a legal sense.

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