Mitsubishi Media CK-K76HG High Grade for K60



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QuantityDiscountUnit price
2 0.5% 305,47 zł
4 1% 303,93 zł
Picture size15x20
Printer modelMitsubishi CP-K60DW-S


 4x6 inch - 10x15 cm

   640 copies (2x320)



   320 copies (2x160)



The printer driver and firmware must be upgraded when it starts to use the new media (available in "Download" bookmark).

The printer can work with K76R-HG although it is not upgraded, but it will offer a poor and bad quality printing performance. Mitsubishi strongly recommends to upgrade the printer firmware and driver in order to get the maximum printing quality that the new HG type media can offer.

The prices are absent of VAT (Value-added tax), and are applied to customers with a European Union Taxpayer ID number. Please make sure to provide it for verification.

(Weight: 3.50kg)

CP-K60DW-S driver for HG paper

Driver version 3.00 for CP-K60DW-S printer. Compatible with Windows 7/8/10 32/64bit.

Download (2.48M)

CP-K60DW-S firmware/paper HG

Firmware for CP-K60DW-S printer 1.05 version. Required for K76R-HG.

Download (1.03M)

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