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Easyphoto EVO is the new photo system generation for a successful start in the photo business. This extremely compact, favourably priced kiosk solution with terminal (MTE1-EVO) and photo printer (CP-K60DW-S) excels thanks to its optimum productivity, easy operation and comprehensive digital image services.

With its retractable 10.4” LED touchscreen, the input terminal will even fit onto extremely narrow display counters and is also suitable as a portable device. Easyphoto EVO positively races compared to its predecessor, with twice the memory capacity at 4 Gb and a processor which is twice as fast at 2.2 GHz. What’s more, Easyphoto EVO already includes all decoration modules, such as calendars, mosaics, collages and greetings cards, and also supports ‘Easygifts’ added value products, such as photo albums, desk calendars and photo boxes.

A high-quality print-out of photos is assured with the environmentally friendly dye sublimation printer CP-K60DW-S. This practical front-loader is a real all-rounder. It offers a unique feature which enables it to print out 10 x 15 cm and 15 x 20 cm photo formats with a glossy or matt finish without the need to change the roll of paper. Consumables are unbelievably inexpensive, a fact which, along with the attractive purchase price, ensures that the system pays for itself very quickly.

Easyphoto EVO is a compact, high-performing, environmentally safe image production system which allows photo retailers, event photographers and suppliers of other goods and services to extend their core business successfully to include a digital image service.

  • Favourably priced solution, quickly pays for itself
  • Comprehensive digital image services already included
  • State-of-the -art photo system technology and hardware
  • Highly compact terminal dimensions: D 250 x W 300 x H 369 mm (opened out)
  • Possibly record-breakingly compact printer: D 446 x W 275 x H 170 mm
  • Photo printer (300 dpi) with new image processing algorithm
  • Different photo formats and finishes without replacing paper roll
  • Optionally usable as order terminal for Flexilab

The prices are absent of VAT (Value-added tax), and are applied to customers with a European Union Taxpayer ID number. Please make sure to provide it for verification.

(Weight: 28.00kg)

Data sheet

Printer model
Mitsubishi CP-D80DW

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